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Exactly eight years ago today, Cheng Fei succesfully defended her Worlds vault title with two superb vaults :)

The link to interview with Svetlana, mk(ru/sport/2014/10/19/svetlana-khorkina-proshheniya-zauprostili-namnebudet


I’m so sorry for the bad quality of this translation, bcz I’m so busy with my homework rn. There could be some mistakes, esp in spelling :(

-Why did I come to Nanning? I wanted to see the level of modern gymnastics. When you watch it on TV, you get another (different) impression. They show who they choose: not everyone and not as if I was watching it by myself. And when you see the whole competition hall, you get a picture. I have been holding competitions in Belgrade for 15 years, but wanted to “make a cut” (meaning to see what’s going on, like make a conclusion) before the Olympics. I wanted to be awere of the level of Russian gymnasts in compare with contenders, to see where are we ( she means our (Russian) place in the world of gymnastics).

-And where are we? And official place Russian team got at these worlds is third.
-The main conclusion: we can fight. For gold, may be, not…

-With this “bleeding” team or in general?
-Don’t blame it on the team. Don’t persuade anyone. I prohibit it to myself all the time. We came to Worlds! If you think that the team is bad (weak) - you shouldn’t go at all. But if you came it means you must not talk about team, injuries. Solve your problems by yourself.

-Of course, you are maximalist, but you should clearly understand that you simply can’t miss these Worlds. It means we should use all the means available.
-I do understand how it is to compete in Nanning. I really do. But you won’t explain to everyone - she injured her leg, she injured another leg… We couldn’t miss Worlds, but could fight harder. I don’t want to offend anyone, but we could have not loose to Chinese kindergarten. That team was immature while we had an experience. Not big, but… I’m not saying about Aliya Mustafina, she is…(there is a phrase idk how to translate, it should be an idiom but if I just translate it directly - “she is a separate song”). There should be a program with a value not less than in London. While we simplified it. Nobody will forgive us for “simplified”. We should be prepared. And prepare to every competition responsibly. That’s all.

-I don’t think World Championship haven’t called for this feelings among gymnasts and coaches…
-It did. But one should use every opportunity in this situation. Fight for every possibility to get a maximum score, not just throw elements away… Look at the contenders. I can’t say gymnastics in the USA is really crazy, but yes - they are stronger, yes - they are healthier. While watching our (Russian) boys and girls I got an impression that they are both physically weaker. There is a lack of endurance. Everyone disputes: power or beauty? I’d say you should be very powerful AND shouldn’t loose your face and individuality. When you are both powerful and beautiful, nobody can lessen your score. What else…you may add cunning (semi-powerful fetch).
-Sorry, what?
-For example the knowledge of making the team tactically. One (meaning Russian coaches) should form the team so to “close” all the events - let them (gymnasts) do one event, but do it excellent! You know there are different ways of forming the team… Coaches should be cunning.

-In your opinion, did Aliya Mustafina change?
-She didn’t have her combinations/programs back - don’t have difficult vault which many gymnasts can do already. Don’t have HER bars. She started to work more cumbersome. I don’t know why. But she looks good, lost some weight, I think she likes it.

-There are so many injuries in the team, are they the mistakes of a training process? Food, recovery…
-It’s all gets together and becomes a problem. Every girl should have a personal coach. And the personal coach should have the right to vote. Does anyone have personal coach? I don’t know. Aliya Mustafina still doesn’t have a personal coach and she has been suffering bcz of it. Personal coach is the only man to know everything about his gymnast. Like my Boris Vasilevich Pilkin did know. When I should go to bed, eat, train, have a rest. He, doctor and massagist with the beam coach are the only people to make a decision. But the last decision should be made by personal coach. He knows how to spread the power, he is fully responsible for his gymnast. He is the one in charge for the result, bcz if the girl is injured , the whole region suffers from it.

[ I don’t have much time, so missed 2 questions about her and Pilkin having arguments with Arkaev when Pilnkin though he is doing better for Svetlana. In general, Svetlana said that the discipline is the most important thing in the team and there should be communication (interference) between gymnasts and coaches].

-There are 2 years before the Olympics. Who is our main Olympic hope and support?
-It’s hrs to say. There were no leaders in Nanning except for Aliya. When our girls won Worlds in Rotterdam 2010 it was obvious we may fight and have a battle. But we didn’t have this battle after that…
-Are you talking about Team and All-around gold in London?
-Of course. And know… You know what, it’s impossible to use only one gymnasts (“to saddle her up having draped legs” = means when only one person does what the whole group should have done). Girls must understand it. One persona can’t handle everything for a long time, not psychologically, not physically. What’s the point of saying that I believe in our team…well I do believe. I believe that the strongest will compete in Rio. Despite the loss of an experience to compete at the serious championships. Gymnasts lose their time while it’s important not to lose it. If you remember I always competed everywhere. It was all about experience. And I used the best of it. It helped me at lots of meetings, I understood what I better do and how. To win carefully or to shock by my character. I saw my contenders.

- You must be talking about Viktoria Komova who has already been missing at serious competitions for 2 years. Many people say it’s time to go, she missed her time. What do you think?
- I think it’s bad. And I the only thing I can claim: Aliya Mustafina is the only gymnast who is now ready for Olympics. She can handle it. She may make mistakes, but she will handle the battle. As for the rest I can only wish I could say “yes, it’s gonna be fine”. I can only believe - the victory will be back. Sooner or later. In the regions (cities) out couches have been watching translations to tell their kids: look at this young fearless girl, how did she help her team… The work has been going on… That’s what we hope for.



Valentina Rodionenko update! Apparently heavy air conditioning, strange food, and biased Chinese judges are the reason for Team Russia’s lackluster performance at Worlds. They will have much better results in Scotland next year.


Only just saw this on twitter but Kyla’s friends make me😂


Only just saw this on twitter but Kyla’s friends make me😂

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Training Update from Laney’s dad’s facebook.

Laney Madsen - QUAD Y Turn.

This is beautiful.

oh my god I hope this girl can get bars, beam, and vault together



Because why do double Arabians when you can to triple? (Jake Dalton)


I need Sveta to quit playing around and throwing shade and just take over the RGF as she should have done in 2009






He Kexin and Zhang Nan with Khorkina!!!!

Photo credit from He Kexin’s sina weibo